Capital Steam Cleaning

Graffiti Removal & Gum Removal

Capital Steam Cleaning provide a top quality and competitively priced graffiti and gum removal service, whether it be a one off clean or a regular visit.
Are you being worn down by the sight of graffiti and gum on your property? We understand the importance of keeping your property or business looking clean and presentable at all times, and things like graffiti and gum can undo all of that hard work. We can use our specialised equipment to rid your building of those unwanted eye-sores. Solving these problems quickly and professionally is our speciality.
Our team use high pressure water jets combined with the latest and most effective formulas, and we are able to remove graffiti and even gum, from almost any surface. Our equipment is high powered and made to clean specific areas of the toughest things, leaving the surface ready to re-treat or paint.
Our team are fully trained and follow strict health and safety guidelines and able to carry out the specialist work required to provide the best graffiti and gum removal service for businesses of all sizes. We will work around you, quickly and safely, with no disruption.
Please contact us to ask any questions, discuss your requirements and get a no obligations, competitive quote.

Keeping your environment clean